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For more than 15 years I have been immersed in the world of digital marketing. It started with an interest in middle school that involved building out websites and utilizing affiliate marketing programs to supplement my income as a paper boy.

Since then I have acquired and developed a deep knowledge and proficiency in:

Search Engine Marketing; Search Engine Optimization; Content Marketing; Social Media Management; Email Marketing; Marketing Automation; Brand Strategy; Lead Generation; Lead Funnel Design & Automation; User Journey Mapping; Conversion Optimization & Monetization Strategies; Product Management; Website Development & Hosting; SharePoint Site Architecture; Digital Strategy; Infusionsoft Administration

I regularly develop my digital marketing and professional skills, while staying on top of the latest and best innovations in the digital marketing world. I do not simply implement whatever I learn from the latest viral blog post. I possess a highly creative instinct and analytical mindset that allows me to create a strong vision and innovative solution.

A few of my favorite things to do is to collaborate with the Client Strategy team to present data-driven custom solutions to clients, training and mentoring new team members, and helping my companies execute their digital strategy so they can crush their digital marketing goals.


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