6 Great Tips to Improve Your Facebook Landing Page Conversions

6 Great Tips to Improve Your Facebook Landing Page Conversions

Within Facebook you can create a landing page to direct your customer to, rather than your business profile page. This can provide them with a direct message or offer that they can sign up for, providing you their contact information. This allows you to do some lead generation as you are able to collect their email address, which is a useful way to grow your email mailing list.

By offering something of value to your users through a landing page, they are more apt to provide you the information you are requesting, allowing you to create some conversions. Also, the personal format of Facebook, make users more comfortable with giving personal information such as; an email address, which a study by Amanda Nosko for the Department of Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University found that 53 percent of users will willingly disclose on Facebook.

A Facebook landing page or as it was previously known as a tab, exists as an app within your business page. Much like you would think of a landing page on a website, Facebook offers you the ability to custom design a landing page that will direct users to take action in return for something from you such as a discount or valuable offer.

Landing pages can be used for a variety of different purposes. You can showcase a new product that you want a customer to try or introduce a new service that your business now offers. Contests are also a popular way to have users input information that you can use for lead collection.

Developing Successful Landing Pages

Designing an effective landing page can make more users interact with your page, providing you the desired results from your marketing campaign. Let’s look at some tips to help improve your Facebook Landing Page.

  1. Write An Effective Call To Action

Your Facebook landing page’s call to action is one of the most important elements of your page. It tells the user what you want them to do and how to do it. Without this message, users would have little need to interact with your landing page, ignoring your message and your business.

Think about what you want to accomplish with your landing page and write the call to action accordingly. If you want users to sign up or register, tell them this and direct to where they can do it. Make the call to action simple and precise as you don’t want them to get discouraged or disinterested.

With an effective call to action, you will see results through users opting in on your landing page, providing you the information you requested. Be sure to include your call to action at the top of your landing page and also at the bottom. You want to make it easy for the user to find and act upon.

  1. Include An Enticing Offer

What you offer your customers as an incentive for providing you with their information can make the difference if they do it or not. Make sure your offer has value and gives the user something that is in demand or would benefit them. A weak offer will not create a sense of urgency to take advantage of and have users moving on to another page within Facebook.

Include your offer in the body of the landing page and explain what you intend to give them in return for their opt-in information. Be clear and ensure you provide the same offer through all the links of your landing page so Facebook doesn’t shut you down for being deceptive.

  1. Keep Your Landing Page Simple

You only have a few seconds to grab your customer’s attention so you need to keep your message simple and easy to follow. Avoid distracting images and fonts that can cause your customer to move on to something else. You want to engage with them and lead them into your message. Remember you are looking for conversions and want to cater to the user’s experience.

Try to use the least amount of text as possible to convey your message. Try bullet points to make things concise. Contrasting colors also help to emphasis your point, but don’t go overboard with a rainbow of colors. Less is more and will help to draw the user in.

You can always create several landing pages for your business page. Companies that have 30 or more landing pages actually generate seven times more leads than those that have fewer than 10. This should be an incentive to customize specific landing pages for the variety of products and services your business offers, increasing your opportunity to gain new leads.

  1. Create A Powerful Headline

The headline of your landing page is what will grab a user’s attention and draw them into your message. You need to create a headline that stands out and is powerful. It should describe your offer and what your message is about. Make it something that your customer needs or has problems with. You want them to relate to the headline and want to know more. Create curiosity.

Facebook is a powerful tool and can lead to more customers as 77 percent of business to consumer companies acquired customers by using Facebook. Another 43 percent of business to business companies acquired customers through Facebook. A catchy headline may be all you need to get that user to interact with your message and take advantage of your offer, creating a conversion for your business.

  1. Use Images That Pop

The images that you use in your landing page should be relevant to the message you are telling. They should be high quality, which also legitimatizes your business and portrays your products and services in a good light.

Another way to use imagery, is to include a video that is relevant to your what you are offering or trying to get across to users. With 23 percent of Facebook’s users checking their newsfeed five or more times a day, videos can provide instant interest in your landing page, helping you to convert and get new leads.

  1. Reinforce Your Credibility

When a user comes to your landing page, it is your responsibility to gain their trust. They may not be familiar with your business and be wary of scams. Offering something that is too good to be true can scare your customer away. You need to establish that you are a credible business and provide loyalty to your customers.

Help establish credibility by featuring testimonials from other customers that have purchased from you. Hearing what another customer has to say about your business’ products and services can go a long way in establishing that you are a reputable business. Listing details that you are affiliated with well-known associations can help as well as providing information about being Norton certified or a trusted safe site. All of this can show a customer that you are a safe business to provide personal information to.

By creating a landing page through Facebook, you can take advantage of collecting information from users to add to your email list. The more users that take advantage of your offer, the more potential people you will have to convert into active customers. Using these techniques, you can ensure you have an effective landing page that peaks a user’s interest and gets them to interact with your landing page, turning into ROI for your business.