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While there are many business owners who are absolutely killing it utilizing social media marketing to grow their business, there are still even more businesses that are not doing anything. The reason can vary from not having digital experts on their staff, or not letting the digital experts they hired do their job.

When I start working with a business I take the time to get to know the business owner, the current environment in which the business operates, and a history of the struggles and successes the business has faced over the past couple years. I pay extra attention when the business owner is mapping out his customer’s journey since that is where a lot of time is usually spent for my clients. I make sure to pay attention to every detail during the planning and strategy phase because that part of the process is absolutely critical to helping my client and I avoid as many bumps as possible. We build a complete custom end-to-end digital marketing solution for each client so that they are effectively using the power of social media to reach new audiences, and grow their business.