Twitter Marketing: The 5 Twitter Extensions All Marketers Need

While tweets may be short, the time you spend working on them is likely pretty long.

With checking hashtags, finding images, and getting the wording exactly right, Twitter marketing is no easy task.

That’s probably why only 29% of marketers prepare their tweet activities one day in advance or less; it’s difficult to manage a spontaneous posting schedule on top of all your other marketing activities.

The other 71% are drafting their tweets days or even weeks ahead of time, or not tweeting at all.

This isn’t making the most out of Twitter which, when used correctly, can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool and can help you create new leads.

Depending on your company, it may make sense to draft at least some of your tweets in advance. But Twitter is made to react in the moment. The Twitterverse is constantly changing, with new hashtags and conversations arising daily, even hourly. Being able to be nimble and react to these changes means that you can take advantage of Twitter’s main advantage: instant reactions.

Writing at the speed of Twitter isn’t easy, however. Companies tend to allocate just 9% of their marketing budget to social media, and that doesn’t account for the time spent. And Twitter’s fast pace means that if you don’t update frequently, your message is just one drop in the river of content in your followers’ feeds.

These tools will help you get the most out of your corporate Twitter account. They’ll help you tweet in the moment or plan in advance without wasting your time dealing with the nitty gritty.

  1. Improve Your Hashtags With Ritetag

Ritetag is a tool to help you keep your hashtags under control. Since Twitter’s content is searchable through hashtags and trending tags can gain a great deal of attention, it’s important to know what you’re tagging your content with.

Creating a hashtag for your brand can potentially be incredibly valuable or disastrous; if you’re going to try to start a new hashtag for your brand, you need to put in a great deal of thought. You also need to have enough of a following and promote it; a hashtag that no one uses is useless.

It might be better (and safer) to jump on existing hashtags that people have already demonstrated interest in. The difficulty here is finding a sweet spot between a tag that’s too obscure and one that is so overused your message will be invisible in the crowd.

Ritetag is the solution to your hashtag woes. It provides instant, color-coded analysis of any hashtag you type into your tweet box, letting you know where your tag falls on a scale from unused to overused. It also rates the popularity of the hashtag so you can jump in on positive trends.

Another plus? It keeps you efficient by providing this information instantly in the Twitter editor.


  • Save Links (And Time!) With Evernote


This tool is essential for cutting down the time you spend on organization. Evernote shines when it comes to managing resources you find on the web so you can find them easily whenever you need them.

Evernote’s browser plug-in, called the Web Clipper, lets you comment on and highlight posts while saving them for later in easy to find folders. Any content you come across online that you think your followers would love can be easily stored for the moment you are ready to tweet. All it takes is one click and it’s saved.

You can link up Evernote accounts to share with the rest of your social media team. Plus, with syncing across all your devices, you’ll always have your content at your fingertips.

  1. Dive into Data Profiles with Riffle

The best way to appeal to your followers is to know what they like.

Whether you use Twitter primarily to build your brand trust or encourage traffic to your website, Twitter posts should be a part of your overall conversion rate optimization strategy.

With any good CRO strategy, you need to figure out what your customers want in order to sell it to them.

So how do you get to know your Twitter followers without turning the task into a major time-drain? Simple: use Riffle.

Riffle lets you instantly see the important data about any Twitter user. By simply clicking on the Riffle icon or the username, Riffle will open a dialogue box displaying the user’s most used hashtags, statistics such as daily tweet rates, top mentions, and more.

While it might not be practical to go through all of your followers, even with Riffle speeding up the process, you can pick a sample of your followers to analyze. The data you gain will be invaluable for planning your future tweets.

  1. Use Visuals to Increase View Time with Giphy

Are you using visuals when you tweet?

You should be.

Content with relevant images get 94% more views than content without them. By including images, you will massively improve your reach.

While you can just use a photo, animated GIFs can add an extra level of interest, especially since motion attracts attention.

Find the right GIF fast with Giphy. With their browser extension, you can easily search Giphy’s massive library of free-to-use animated GIFs. Adding the perfect GIF to your tweet is as simple as pasting in the shortened URL that the extension provides.

  1. Silver Bird

This powerful but light browser extension will help you stay on top of the rapid pace of your Twitter feed.

The icon in the toolbar changes colour when there’s new activity on your account, so you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to check Twitter for updates; you’ll always know the moment something happens.

You’ll even know what type of activity. The app color-codes different types of interactions, so you know whether you’ve got a retweet or a DM waiting for you.

Clicking on the toolbar button opens the Silver Bird dialogue, which allows you to manage every aspect of your Twitter account instantly. From within the extension, you can use all Twitter’s regular features including tweeting, viewing your feed, and responding to DMs.

The extension also allows you to search your stream according to a number of different search categories, view your lists, and see what’s trending, among other features.

You can customize the interface, changing the notification settings and colors among other options, to get exactly the experience you want.

Twitter Marketing: Faster and BetterWith these browser extensions, you can improve your Twitter marketing, allowing you to tweet quality content without spending all day. With the time you save, you can shift your focus to back to SEO marketing.