Why Digital Recruitment Needs to Be Part of Your Strategy (With Examples!)

The future is coming, and it is coming in fast!

Everything seems to be online these days. So if you’re not online, what are you doing?

These digital days are becoming very popular among Generation Y, who are soon to become your newest employees.

If you want to get the best of today’s day and age, you need to look into the places where you’re sure to find them, and today the right place to scout for talent is within the digital world.

For this reason, digital recruiting needs to be a part of your hiring strategy if you really want to find the greatest candidates among today’s talent.

Need more reasons to start implementing digital recruitment as a part of your hiring strategy? Let us give you some more:

1. Give Candidates a Fast and Easy Application

People are moving faster and faster everyday.

Your candidates want an application process that is going to be convenient, fast and easy to use.

Making your application online is the first step in incorporating the digital recruitment process into your hiring strategy.

To make things even easier for both you and your candidate, allow candidates to automatically input their information from their Facebook or Linkedin accounts.

If you plan to make your application very accessible, more candidates will be likely to gravitate towards your company.

For example, the Greenhouse company creates quick and easy to use online applications for businesses.

The Greenhouse application lets users import all of their information from their Linkedin accounts, asks users to attach their resume and cover letter, and then at the end of the application enables the company to ask the candidates a question. These questions can be something like “Why do you want to work for us?” or “Tell us something unique about yourself.”

If you make it easy for your candidates to apply, you will instantly see a lot more applications come in.

2. Digital Recruitment Lets You See a Candidate’s Creative Side

If your company is using digital recruiting, you will likely be able to find the most talented and creative individuals.

You can look at their social media profiles or their portfolios to get a sense of their creative abilities.

In addition, going digitally also gives your candidates the option to use their creativity when applying to your company.

Many creative candidates may have their own website, which will feature their resume.

This can give you insight into how the candidate uses their creativity along with technological innovation, and how that can be beneficial for your own company.

3. Digital Recruitment Enables You to See a Candidate’s Tech Skills

Like we talked about earlier, technology has clearly become a huge part of today’s world, and it continues to evolve everyday.

You will need to have very tech savvy individuals working for your company if you want your company to succeed.

You know that your company has to move forward as technology moves forward, and for that you will need people that know how to use the up and coming strategies.

When you are utilizing a digital recruitment process in your hiring strategy, you will get a sense of how knowledgeable a candidate is with technology.

Look at their resume for specific skills. See how they present themselves.

Are they using Linkedin to apply to your company? Have they created their own website by themselves? You will be able to get a feel of your candidate’s’ strengths by using digital recruitment.

4. Use Digital Recruitment to Prove That Your Company Can Be Innovative

When you decide to implement digital recruitment into your hiring strategy, you will begin to show your candidates how tech savvy you are.

You want to prove that your company can be innovative and take on the newest technologies.

This will attract millennials to want to work for you if they know that the technology they’re already using in their daily lives will be useful for their work lives as well.

Before applying to your company, as they’re applying, and prior to accepting an offer from you, your candidates will research about your company in the same way that you search for information about them.

They’re going to want to get a feel for what kind of technology you implement into your workplace.

Millennials are all about social media these days.

Does your marketing company utilize social media at all? Are you interested in incorporating social media into your company? If so, you’re going to want to hire a social media expert.

Millennials who live and breathe social media want to pursue a career in what they’re passionate about. Their strengths will play a big role in improving your social media marketing and thus, boosting your site traffic as a result.

5. Digital Recruitment to Go Mobile

Everyone, especially the younger generations, are always using their phones for everything.

Besides checking their social media, emails, and sending out text messages, millennials are using their mobile phones for all of their other needs as well.

For example, banks have created apps so that you can take care of all of your banking needs online. Also, many people now shop via their mobile phones too.

A lot of advertisements that people see are now mainly just on Instagram and Snapchat.

Since people are constantly checking their social media accounts, that is likely where they will see advertising the most. Use that to your benefit.

When using digital recruiting to hire new employees, strive to post about your company and what you’re looking for on social media.

Additionally, once you hire some more social media expert millennials, they will be able to help you use mobile advertising in order to achieve all of your target sales goals.

As people are becoming more and more consumed with the digital world, you will need to be able to show that your company can handle all of the technological innovation. Making digital recruitment an important part of your hiring strategy is probably the best way to improve your recruitment process.

Digital recruitment enables you to easily find the best of today’s talent. So get started, and go recruit!